Cookie Party

Last night both sides of our family joined us for a “Goodbye to Cutie Cookie Party”. It was a fun night, filled with lots of yummy treats, visiting with our favorite people and celebrating the time we were able to spend with our Cutie. Thanks to all who came, and for all of the thoughts and well-wishes we’ve received today. (Don’t you just love that picture of Jason throwing Cutie? It’s taken me the entire 7 months that he was with us to get a good shot. How fitting that it happened on the last night he was here!)

We packed up all of Cutie’s stuff and he is now living with his father. We are so happy and feel extremely blessed to have had him in our lives, even if only for a short time. It feels good to have made a difference. And seeing his dad’s face today was just about all the reward we need.

On another note, what do you think of our “twins”? This is Peanut and our nephew, Phoenix. They were born less than a month apart and I think we’ll now refer to them as the Jowl Brothers.

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3 thoughts on “Cookie Party”

  1. Good luck to Cutie and his Dad! I hope everything goes well for them and they are both happy! Our home study has been moved to April. Not licensed yet but working on it! I love the jowl brothers!

  2. We will definately miss seeing Cutie and his big smile. But very happy that he was able to be with his dad again. We thought of you all day as well.
    Well you know how I feel about Peanut, I totally think he looks like Ellie. So it’s not a surprise that his cousin looks like him as well. What cute little babies!

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