My amazing Mama wrote a poem after our heartbreak last week.  We read it for the first time last night and Jason and I both cried.  Not hard to believe, I know.  This was not the sobbing-so-hard-we-can’t-breathe crying we did for the first couple of days after our failed adoption, though.  It was more of the tears-running-down-our-cheeks-and-our-hearts-still-hurt-but-we’re-slowly-moving-on type crying. Progress. […]

Just Let Me Cry

I had hoped to share some luscious baby photos here as part of my photo-a-day challenge.   When I decided to complete that challenge in July, our family had been selected by a birthmother and we were joyfully anticipating the arrival of a little girl, to be born this month.  I washed tiny baby clothes/blankets/burp cloths, prepared the bassinet, and […]