Free Printable Family Home Evening Chart

Family Home Evening is an important part of our week.   We spend a lot of time together as a family, but we still try to set aside some time on Monday evenings to learn the gospel together, to bond as a family while doing a fun activity or to discuss difficulties we are facing and our goals for the future.

Planning ahead and including the kids in FHE is one tactic to make sure it actually happens consistently.  I’ve put together this (free!) printable to help us stay on track a little better and I hope you will find it useful as well.

I stuck mine in a thrifted and spray painted frame, but there are many other ways you could use this printable.


How to use:

  • Print the two pages on cardstock. 
  • Write the names of each of your family members on one of the circles on the second page.
  • Cut out the name circles and laminate
  • Place the full sheet in a frame, behind glass,
  • Stick the name circles to the front of the glass, using sticky tack, velcro, etc.

Click here to download

Additional ideas for use:

  • Laminate both the full sheet and the name circles
  • Use sticky tack, velcro or tape to adhere the name circles to the chart
  • Hang up on your fridge, or elsewhere, as a visual reminder to hold FHE and of who is in charge of each component for the week.
  • Use a dry erase marker to write in names (on a laminated chart or glass in a frame) instead of using the name circles

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