Free Yearly Goal Tracking Printable

2015 begins tomorrow, all shiny and new.  This is a glorious time for list-makers and goal-setters like me.  I’ve been dreaming of the challenges I want to undertake for the coming year and I imagine many of you are on the same page.
One of my main goals for the new year is to read aloud to my kids every single day.  We do pretty well at this already, but I’m excited to see if we can make it for an entire year without missing a day.
To keep track of our days, I designed a simple tracking chart.
Every day for the whole year is represented by a circle.  We’ll color in a circle each day we read. And just like Jerry Seinfeld, we’ll be motivated to never break the chain.

Is there something you want to do every single day for the next year?  Download this free printable and get going!

PS– You don’t have to start this on January 1.  You could start in the middle of the year and work your way around to the same point the next year.  You’ll still have the benefit of seeing all those colored-in circles!

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