Do As I’m Doing Free Printable

I serve as an LDS Primary Music director, and I often have the chance to sing fun “wiggle songs” with the children in our congregation.  A lot of times when it’s one child’s turn to choose an action for Do As I’m Doing, their minds draw a complete blank.  The pressure is on and they can no longer think of one single action they might do.

I drew a few friends doing some common actions in order to help them choose.  There are so many uses for this printable!

* Laminate it and have a child close their eyes and point to the paper.  Do whatever action is closest to where they are pointing.

* Cut them out and attach to popsicle sticks.  Kids can draw them out of a jar, or pick two and switch between actions while you are singing.

* Cut them out and have kids draw the ideas out of a bag.

Happy singing!

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