2015 LDS Primary Theme Copywork (free printable packet}

Remember last year when I released the 2014 LDS Primary Theme copywork packet?  Remember how I said that I would definitely release the 2015 version earlier in the year?  And then I started it and was almost finished, was interrupted by another project and promptly forgot all about the copywork until a reader kindly reminded me about it?  Remember that? Hilarious, right?

 It’s more than a little embarrassing for me to be posting this now, but better late than never.

Copywork is a tool used in many homeschooling families. It’s a way to practice handwriting and memorize scripture, poetry and/or quotes by incorporating beautiful words into your daily lessons. This 65 page packet is based on the 2015 LDS Primary Outline and uses all the songs, scriptures and themes that primary-aged children will be learning this year.

Of course, you don’t have to be a homeschooling family to use copywork.  This is a perfect activity for a quiet Sunday afternoon.  You could also use it with your children each morning or evening as part of your family scripture study.  As your children copy these passages, they will not only improve their penmanship but they’ll also be filled with inspiring words.

(I printed ours in black and white, because I’m cheap like that, but the packet comes in full beautiful color).

Download the packet here.


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