FREE Printable Doodle boxes

If I could make a living drawing doodle frames like this, I’d jump at the chance.  I find it so meditative.  But, in case you don’t enjoy it, but still love the look of doodled frames for your projects, you can download this page for free below.

This could be used for so many things:

Reading List: keep track of the books you read–list the title in the box and color in the frame when you finish reading it.  You could even color code it to reflect how much you liked the book.

A fancy to-do list.

Gratitude Journal: Write one thing you’re grateful for in each frame.

Print on sticker paper or cut out and paste into your Scripture Journal, sketchbook or regular journal, and then fill with words that encourage and lift you.

Record the funny things your kids say and do.

Record highlights from a trip or vacation.

Fill each frame with a drawing of something you love.  Similar to this project we did a while back.



In other news, this space of mine will be pretty quiet for the next month or so. We’re entering into a very travel-filled month with either no internet availability or very little/spotty service.  I may stop in to share some travel photos here and there, and I am hoping to continue posting my 52 Project weekly, but even that may not happen. I am looking forward to a month filled with family, excessive amounts of downtime to read and make art and the chance to take a breather after a very busy season.  Follow me on Instagram to keep in touch and see what we’re up to over the next little while.

Also, I want to take a moment to thank you for reading and for spending a little of your precious time here.  I will be back in full force at the beginning of August. Hugs!

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