More Color Your Own Flipcharts

I’m delighted to share some more coloring pages/flipcharts for LDS Primary Music Leaders with you today.  You can use these in your LDS Primary or in your home to help your children better learn the words of our beloved Primary songs.

I love using flipcharts like this to help the children in our congregation learn the words to the beautiful songs we sing together.  The simple pictures help the non-readers to remember the words, and the act of reading the words while they sing helps the older kids to really internalize the lyrics.  Multiple primary teachers have thanked me for posting all the lyrics since it helps them to learn the words as well.

Today I’ve got ELEVEN more songs for you!  Click on the links below to download them for free:

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus 

To Think About Jesus

When I am Baptized

Nephi’s Courage

The Family is Of God

Jesus Said Love Everyone

Listen, Listen

Love One Another


I have received lots of requests for flipcharts and I’m making my way through them as quickly as I can.  If you have a specific song you’d like me to design a flipchart for, please leave it in the comments.

Find more flipcharts here

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