FREE Coloring Page Flipcharts for ALL the LDS Primary Christmas Songs

My fellow Primary Music Leaders

After many hours of work, I have just finished designing flipcharts for all of the Christmas songs from the LDS Children’s Songbook.  I had such fun drawing all these images, and I am delighted to be able to share them with you!

Printing in color is expensive, so, as always, my flipcharts are designed with simple black and white illustrations so that you can color them yourself.  It saves a LOT of money if you’re a regular flipchart user like I am. Plus it’s fun!

The songs included in this bundle are:
You can download all the coloring pages for free by clicking the link below.
I really enjoy creating these pages, but as you can imagine, drawing and designing them takes me many, many hours. I love to be able to share them for free with those who are in need, and I ask that if you are able please donate a small amount to help me continue to be able to provide resources like this.
I set up the cart so that you can donate as little (even nothing!) or as much as you’d like. I hope that if you find these helpful, and if you use them in your Primary, you’ll support my work.
Much love and Happy Singing!

download Christmas songs flipcharts

FAQ: Isn’t it against Church policy to use cartoon images of Christ?

Because this question is brought up a lot, I would like to address it here.  I have done a lot of research, studied the Church Handbook cover to cover, and have found no reference to drawings of Christ (even cartoonish ones) being unacceptable in projects like this. Of course, check with your local leaders first to see if they personally have an issue with it, but there is no church-wide policy against using artwork of this kind in Primary.

find more flipcharts here

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