2016 LDS Primary Outline Flipcharts to Color (PLUS Search, Ponder and Pray and Seek the Lord Early)

I am delighted to share with you the flipcharts I created to go along with the LDS Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation Outline for 2016.

I use these flipcharts for almost every single song we sing in Primary.  I love how they help all ages of kids (and the teachers!) to remember the words.

To download the flipcharts, click the “Add to Cart” button below.  I’ve also included Search, Ponder and Pray and Seek the Lord Early, because they are the additional songs we’ve chosen in our ward.

These projects take me many, many hours. If you find these flipcharts useful, and you are able, please donate a small amount to help me continue to be able to design items like this. Thank you so much!

Click Here to Download flipcharts

Search, Ponder and Pray

Seek the Lord Early

For more songs, check here

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