Painting in my Scriptures

I’ve recently fallen in love with painting in my scriptures.  I find such strength as I read and study the scriptures each morning and adding art to that practice makes it all the more meaningful to me.
Usually one verse (or a collection of verses) on a page stands out to me and I make it the focus of the painting. While I paint, my mind is constantly running over that meaningful verse which turns my painting time into a sort of meditation on the Word of God.  It sinks deeper into my soul and stays with me longer during the day than when I just read the verses alone.

Sometimes I doodle symbolism from the verses in the margin, sometimes I illustrate the story (as with the nativity scene above, and sometimes I just decorate the page in a way that draws attention to the verse that touched my heart (as with the hearts page).

I use a variety of supplies, most often I use these watercolors. Though this brand is also really nice and is a cheaper option but still has outstanding coverage and vibrant colors. I printed out the standard works from this website and had the pages spiral bound to give me extra room to play in the margin. I’m hoping that someday a nicely bound wide-margin version of the Book of Mormon will be available, but that’s currently not the case, though there are lots of different wide margin, or journaling, Bibles available.

I have found a lot of inspiration by following Illustrated Faith on Instagram. I also share my pages on Instagram sometimes.  Follow me @alivelyhope.

Are you a scripture doodler?

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