Master List of LDS Primary Song Flipcharts


Over the past several  years I’ve created many flipcharts to help LDS Primary children learn the words to our beautiful Primary Songs.

Now you can purchase them all in one easy to use and easy to download bundle! This bundle includes 120+ primary songs. Every single flipchart I’ve ever created! Including all the songs for the 2022 Primary Sacrament Presentation. You can also find just the 2022 songs here.

LDS Primary Song Flipcharts Bundle

This bundle includes every single flipchart I’ve ever created PLUS access to all future flipcharts!  

You’ll receive a link to a google drive folder containing 120+ completed flipcharts, including all of the Christmas songs from the Latter-Day Saints Children’s Songbook.  

Each year when I create more flipcharts, I’ll add them to the google folder and you’ll receive instant access to the new flipcharts as well!  

Printing in color is expensive so, as always, my flipcharts are designed with simple black and white illustrations so that you can color them yourself.    

It saves a LOT of money if you’re a regular flipchart user like I am.   You can color these flipcharts yourself, if you want, or leave them black and white.  I’ve used them both ways and they work well either way.  DOWNLOAD THE COLLECTION HERE

Print on Cardstock and you’re ready to go!

IMPORTANT: You may use these files for personal/church use only. DO NOT SHARE THE LINK. You may not transfer or share this purchase with another person.


All The Articles of Faith songs
A Child’s Prayer
Before I take the Sacrament
Behold the Great Redeemer Die
Book of Mormon Stories (all 8 verses!)
Books of the Old Testament; Books of the New Testament, Books of the Book of Mormon
Children All Over the World
Choose the Right Way
Choose the Right
Come Follow Me
Come With Me to Primary
Dare to Do Right
Did Jesus Really Live Again?
Did You Think to Pray?
Do As I’m Doing
Easter Hosanna
Every Star is Different
Families Can Be Together Forever
Feliz Cumpleanos
Follow the Prophet 
Friends are Fun
Give Said the Little Stream
Happy, Happy Birthday
Have a Very Happy Birthday
The Hearts of the Children
He Died That We Might Live Again
He Sent His Son
Hello Friends
Hello Song
Help Me, Dear Father
Here We Are Together
Holding Hands Around the World
Hum Your Favorite Hymn
I Am a Child of God
I Am Like a Star
I Feel My Savior’s Love
I Hope They Call Me On A Mission
I Know My Father Lives
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
I Lived in Heaven
I Love To See The Temple
I Stand all Amazed
I Want to Be a Missionary Now
I Want to Live the Gospel
I Will Be Valiant
I Will Follow God’s Plan
I Will Walk with Jesus
I’ll Follow Him in Faith
I’ll Walk With You
I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus
If I Listen With My Heart
If The Savior Stood Beside Me
Jesus Has Risen
Jesus Once Was A Little Child
Jesus Said Love Everyone
Joseph Smith’s First Prayer
Keep the Commandments
Kindness Begins With Me
Listen, Listen
Love is Spoken Here
Love One Another
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
My Redeemer Lives
Nephi’s Courage
On a Golden Springtime
Our Door is Always Open
Our Primary Colors
Praise to the Man
Redeemer of Israel
Reverently, Quietly
Scripture Power
Search, Ponder and Pray
Seek the Lord Early
Stand For the Right
Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Tell Me Dear Lord
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
The Church of Jesus Christ
The Family is Of God
The Hearts of the Children
The Holy Ghost
The Iron Rod
The Lord Gave Me a Temple
The Still Small Voice
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
To Think About Jesus
We Are Different
We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet
We Welcome You
We’ll Bring the World His Truth
We’re All Together Again
When He Comes Again
When I am Baptized
When We’re Helping
Your Happy Birthday
You’ve Had a Birthday



Christmas Songs included in this bundle:

Away in a Manger
Christmas Bells
Have a Very Merry Christmas!
Little Jesus
Mary’s Lullaby
Once within a Lowly Stable
Picture a Christmas
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
Sleep, Little Jesus
Stars Were Gleaming
The Nativity Song
The Shepherd’s Carol (Round)
There Was Starlight on the Hillside
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
Who Is the Child?

Download the Entire Collection Here

Download the 2022 Songs Here

All the Articles of Faith Songs

Download all the Christmas Songs here

18 thoughts on “Master List of LDS Primary Song Flipcharts”

      1. Hi!
        Thank you for making the cutest flip charts for the primary music. Do you know when you will be posting the flip charts for 2020?

        1. Hi! I’m so glad you like them! I am currently working on that post, so I’m hoping it will be done next week!

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  12. Thank you for sharing these! They are so fun and helpful! I can’t find I stand All Amazed. When I go to the link for it, it downloads the wrong group of songs. Thanks.

  13. Heidi,
    I love your primary song flip charts! They are seriously the best for teaching the youngest in our primary!
    Do you by chance have the 2nd verse to Scripture Power available?
    Thank you so much for these wonderful tools!

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