FREE Articles of Faith Flipcharts

I’m so happy to share some more LDS Primary Music leader flipcharts today!  These flipcharts are for all 13 of the Articles of Faith songs.  I hope they are useful as you teach the children in your Primary (or your own kids) the Articles of Faith!  The graphics I drew are simple and black and white. (Ink is pricey!) You can color these flipcharts yourself, if you want, or leave them black and white. I’ve used them both ways and they work well either way.
You can download all the coloring pages for free by clicking download below.
I really enjoy creating these pages, but as you can imagine, drawing and designing them takes me many, many hours. I love to be able to share them for free with those who are in need, and I ask that if you are able please donate a small amount to help me continue to be able to provide resources like this.
I set up the cart so that you can donate as little (even nothing!) or as much as you’d like. I hope that if you find these helpful, and if you use them in your Primary, you’ll support my work.
You can find the master list of all my FREE flipcharts here.
Much love and Happy Singing!

For English click here:

download Articles of Faith flipcharts

And for the Spanish version, click here:

download Spanish Articles of Faith flipcharts

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