General Conference Sketchnotes (October 2017)

I am a visual learner.  I process things best when I draw little doodles to go along with the information I hear. Which is why my scripture journal looks like this:

I’ve gained so much insight by studying the scriptures and LDS Conference talks this way. These pages are filled with arrows and doodles, words and insights that stand out to me. When I look at them I can remember what I studied and how I felt as I did so.  Keeping a scripture journal helps me incorporate what I study into my daily life and helps me remember what I’ve learned long after I close my scriptures for the day.

Finding a way to study that works for me makes me excited to spend time in the scriptures. It makes getting up early to study something I look forward to every day. Every time I share sketchnotes on Instagram I receive a lot of interest and people wondering how they can make their scripture journal look like this.

So I created a free download for my  October 2017 General Conference sketchnotes.

 The free download includes four pages of my hand-drawn sketchnotes. These are the words that stood out to me. I tried to include one quote from each talk, though I can’t promise they’re all included.  It’s possible I was interrupted (multiple times a minute) by one of my little people while watching Conference.

If you’re looking to study the latest Conference talks in depth,I have a little Facebook group devoted to studying one talk each week.  I’d love for you to join us!

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