Books we gave and received this Christmas

It’s no secret that we are a bookish family.  We spend a lot of time reading for both school and fun.  And for every birthday and Christmas our kiddos receive at least one book.  Here are the beautiful books we found under the tree this year.  Most of these books were carefully chosen by yours truly, but a few of […]

He is Risen! 15 Week Family Home Evening Plan

This idea has been kicking around in my mind for years, and I’m so happy to finally bring it to life.  Here’s the idea:  study one story of Christ’s life from His birth and ministry through His death and resurrection each week from Christmas to Easter. Of course it would be impossible to study every story we have from Him […]

What I’ve Been Reading: December 2017

Joining Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what I’ve been reading lately. The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida This book was absolutely fascinating.  It’s written by a 13 year old Japanese boy who has severe Autism and is nonverbal.  He wrote it through the use of a letter grid. It completely changed my understanding of Autism. Not only that, but it helped me to […]

Boys Bedroom Update

  We’ve been shuffling bedrooms around the past few weeks. It’s been a little tricky to find an arrangement that would make everyone happy and allow us to have the space we need. Edith’s bedroom for the past year was actually our living room. Which was a little awkward when folks dropped by for a quick visit.  We either had […]

DIY Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments

      It’s been a difficult year for our family. I’ve mentioned before that my Grandparents (my dad’s parents) passed away within less than four months of each other.  Two of my husband’s Grandmas passed away this year also. Four grandparents within about seven months. That’s a lot of loss. My Grandma Kindlespire (my kids called her Grandma Sally) […]