Doctrine and Covenants Doctrinal Mastery Memorization Cards (free printable!)

Doctrine and Covenants doctrinal mastery scripture cards. Free printable 3×5 cards to help you memorize all of the Doctrine and Covenants doctrinal mastery scriptures; perfect for LDS Seminary Students and homeschool families!

I find such comfort and guidance from the scriptures.  Over the years, I have built a habit of studying them daily.  It’s rare that I miss a day, and when I do I really feel it.  This year I’m studying the Old Testament and gaining so much insight (learn more about how I’m studying this year here).  I just finished the book of Joshua, and I’m still loving it!  (I will admit that I’ve struggle through certain sections 😉 )

I want to have the powerful words of scripture cemented in my mind.  I want to draw on them in moments of frustration, or sorrow or impatience,

and I hope to help my children do the same. The best way to make that happen is to memorize them.  So we set aside time from our school days to work on memorizing scripture.  

I created these cards to help us do that.

The cards are 3×5″ in size in order to fit into an index card storage box.  Introduce one new verse each week and review the other verses often, and before long you will have many verses committed to memory! Read more about how we’ve done this here.
This works well for us because we’re a homeschool family, but if you’re not you could also easily apply this method during your family scripture study or during breakfast or dinner.  It really just takes a matter of minutes each day!

Download Doctrine and Covenants Doctrinal Mastery Cards

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