Matthew 5 Sketchnotes/Traceable Doodles

Scripture sketchnotes or doodles for Matthew 5, The Beatitudes. Hand-drawn and hand-lettered highlights from this chapter of scripture, goes along with the Latter-Day Saint Come Follow Me curriculum for February 18-24th.

There are a lot of amazing resources available to enhance your study of Come Follow Me, whether it’s full lessons or additional printables and ideas for helping to incorporate the lessons with your family.

I firmly believe that we do not need to make this curriculum more intense or more involved than it is.  It is intended to be simple, and to inspire meaningful discussions of gospel truths.  Don’t overlook that as you sort through so many beautiful and creative options for additional resources online.

My original plan was to share scripture cards monthly, which could then be used in your scripture journal, or as a mini coloring book for kids.  But recently I was impressed to do that differently.

Instead of creating monthly cards, I will be making a weekly sketchnotes page.  It will feature doodles and hand-lettered scriptures from the lesson that week, along with a peek at how I’m using them in my own scriptures.

I have been hesitant to do a weekly post following the Come Follow Me curriculum because there are so many other fantastic resources available.  But I feel called to share my simple doodles and the additional talks, etc. that I’ll be studying each week.

I genuinely hope these posts are useful to you and not an additional stress as we are all implementing this new program and figuring out how best to use it in our individual lives and families.

Ideas for using weekly Come Follow Me Sketchnotes pages:

COLORING PAGE. Use as a coloring page for your kids to work on during family scripture time.  Write additional notes and insights on the pages as you go. You could add all the completed sketchnotes pages to a binder to keep as a reminder of the gospel topics you’ve discussed together.

STICKER PAPER. Print on clear sticker paper and cut apart the doodles to add to your scripture journal or into the margins of your scriptures.  (This year, I am using this free wide-margin New Testament PDF that I had printed and spiral bound at a local copy shop.  But there are many wide-margin options available.)
Printing on clear sticker paper allows you to add color to the doodles using colored pencils, but still be able to see the words beneath them.  I have tried out a few different kinds of colored pencils on this sticker paper.  Ergosoft pencils and Prismacolor pencils work really well.

They blend beautifully and add a very vibrant color.  I did not have much luck with watercolor pencils, though.  They just did not show up well on the sticker paper. I haven’t tried all the brands available, though. So definitely give your favorites a try before you rush out and buy something new.

Each month I will share one post for the Come Follow Me sketchnotes, and each week I will add to that post.  So come back here next week to find the base post for March lessons.

(I’d love to hear what version of this project would be most helpful to you.  Do you prefer the monthly card version or the full page each week version?)


Friends, my sister has felt a firm and unrelenting impression to start a podcast based on the Come Follow Me lessons.  I have been so inspired to watch her dive right in and follow the Spirit.  She is new to podcasting, but I am already so impressed with the content she’s created.  Look for Stumbling As I Follow in your podcast app and listen to her meaningful insights that make the stories of Christ come alive.

I LOVE my friend Montserrat’s weekly list of activities, videos, and talks that are available on for free that go along with the current Come Follow Me lesson.

My friend Emily at is doing an awesome and simple interactive journal printable for kids each week.  She has such creative ideas that do not require a lot of time/effort to implement with your kids.


I’d love to see how you use these sketchnotes! Take a photo and tag me on Instagram.

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