New Testament Sketchnotes: Come Follow Me Matthew 6-7

Scripture Sketchnotes for Matthew 6-7, the Sermon on the Mount. 
Goes along with the Latter-Day Saint Come Follow Me Curriculum.

I am delighted by the response my first set of weekly sketchnotes received last week.  Thank you for all the kind words, comments and emails you sent my way.  Honestly I have been dragging my feet a little bit on this project, but your response has made me realize there is a need here that I can fill.  Thank you again!

This month we will continue to study the Sermon on the Mount, we’ll learn about the healing miracles Christ performed, we’ll discuss the role of disciples and followers of Christ, we’ll study some of His parables and we’ll learn about how we can set aside our fears and follow Him.

I am excited to dive deeper into my study of the New Testament and I’m excited to share weekly sketchnotes for each of these lessons with you.  I will be adding the new lessons every Monday morning, so come back often to see what’s new!

In addition to the weekly sketchnotes, I plan to share additional resources that we’ll be using in our family study.  We take a little time each morning as we start our homeschool day to work on diving deeper into the scriptures. Usually we listen to a podcast or a conference talk while we work on coloring pages or activities based on the weekly topic.

Most of our study time and discussion takes place around the dinner table once my husband is home, but we do better with making activities actually happen earlier in the day. As always, I believe in keeping things as simple as possible, so we may or may not get to everything on this list.

The kids add their activity pages to their scripture journals (I’ll be sharing a blog post on that soon!).

Ideas for using weekly Come Follow Me Sketchnotes pages:

COLORING PAGE. Use as a coloring page for your kids to work on during family scripture time.  Write additional notes and insights on the pages as you go. You could add all the completed sketchnotes pages to a binder to keep as a reminder of the gospel topics you’ve discussed together.

STICKER PAPER. Print on clear sticker paper and cut apart the doodles to add to your scripture journal or into the margins of your scriptures.  (This year, I am using this free wide-margin New Testament PDF that I had printed and spiral bound at a local copy shop.  But there are many wide-margin options available.)

Printing on clear sticker paper allows you to add color to the doodles using colored pencils, but still be able to see the words beneath them.  I have tried out a few different kinds of colored pencils on this sticker paper.  Ergosoft pencils and Prismacolor pencils work really well.

“He Taught Them as One Having Authority”// Matthew 6-7

Additional Study:

For Him by Joy D. Jones (Oct 2018)

Ponder the Path of Thy Feet by Thomas S. Monson (Oct 2014)

Lessons from the Lord’s Prayers by Russell M. Nelson (April 2009)

For Kids:

Build Upon the Rock Activity

The Lord’s Prayer explanation by Henry B. Eyring

Wise Man and the Foolish Man coloring figures

Hey Friend Interactive Journal


Sermon on the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer

Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven

Scripture Stories Podcast: Sermon on the Mount. This is SUCH a cool resource! It’s a panel style podcast, which includes kids.  They really dive into the stories.
Lessons from the Lord’s Prayers by Russell M. Nelson (April 2009)

Stumbling As I Follow Podcast.  We LOVE this podcast (which happens to be my sister’s).  It’s full of meaningful insights that bring the scripture stories to life.

The Scripture Study Project


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