October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!)

October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!)

Oh, friends!

They are finally ready!  I’m so, so happy to share these cards with you.

I love creating cards like this after each General Conference.  I often hang them up around the house as a reminder of the beautiful and uplifting words we heard. You can find other general conference sketchnotes/ cards here.

I choose one quote from each talk in General Conference, usually something powerful that stood out to me, and I hand-letter and illustrate it.  This conference I noticed a theme of JOY. You’ll see that word sprinkled throughout these quote cards.

My favorite way to use them, though, is in my scripture journal.  For this conference, I am using a traveler’s notebook as a study journal.  It’s my first traveler’s journal, and I’m already quite smitten with it.  I’ll do a full post about what I’m including in this journal, and what my various notebooks contain, so watch for that soon.

I decided to create two sizes of cards this time so that I could include smaller versions in my smaller journal.  So that means YOU get two sizes to choose from! Fun!

You have a few options for these cards:

Cut out and tape/paste in your journal or scriptures
Trace into your journal or scriptures
Print on clear sticker paper (white sticker paper would work too!)
Use as coloring pages
Make into a small booklet for kids to color 

I’d love to see how you use them! Take a photo and tag me on Instagram!

October 2019 General Conference Cards (large)

October 2019 General Conference Cards (small)

4 thoughts on “October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!)”

  1. I LOVE these cards! Thank you so much for sharing them for free! I will share them with others and I SO look forward to coming back to see the ones you make from this coming General Conference!

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