Books we gave and received this Christmas

It’s no secret that we are a bookish family.  We spend a lot of time reading for both school and fun.  And for every birthday and Christmas our kiddos receive at least one book.  Here are the beautiful books we found under the tree this year.  Most of these books were carefully chosen by yours truly, but a few of them were gifts from our awesome family who support our readerly habits.


 Our three big kids all got journals this year. Both of our older kids used journals like this for a few years and have since filled them up. It’s ridiculously fun to go back and read what they’ve written. When they’re too young to read, I wrote down the answers they narrated. Now it’s Elijah’s turn to start and I can’t wait to hear what he says.    Ethan got this journal and Ellie got the one for teens.

For the Big Kids:

Happy Mail

We gave this book to Ellie to further aid her love of all things snail mail, but I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas from the book myself.  Cute, simple, very fun ideas for all those who love sending and receiving mail.

365 Days of Wonder
Beautiful and inspiring words for every day of the year.

What Would Jane Do?
This cute little gift book is fully of Jane Austen witticisms that are both profound and hilarious.

The Lego Ideas Book

This is not an instruction book.  It’s filled with ideas to inspire, but not detailed instructions on how to make each creation.  Think of it as a way to get your lego enthusiast’s creative juices flowing.  Ethan’s been poring over this one.

Picture Books:

Jabari Jumps
I’m on a mission to bring more diversity to our book collection.  Jabari Jumps is a sweet, beautifully illustrated book that little Elijah loves.  I think at least part of why he loves it is because Jabari looks a lot like Elijah.

Over and Under the Snow
Gorgeous illustrations and a lot of animal facts fill this beautiful book.

We’re All Wonders
To continue on our Wonder kick.  Love the illustrations and the profound message of this book.  It’s not an exact retelling of Wonder, but it’s the same idea simplified for little ones.  Plus it’s simply beautiful.

Board Books

Where is Baby’s Belly Button
Dear Zoo
But Not the Hippopotamus

What books did you give/receive this Christmas?

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