Camping Love Embroidery Pattern

When I was growing up, the majority of our vacations were spent camping.  Actually, even now the majority of our vacations are spent camping.  We are a camping family, and I love it.  I love watching my kids play in the dirt with rocks and sticks as their action figures, I love cooking over an open flame, I love waking with the sun. 
We have a treasure trove of amazing locations in Utah; everything from snow-capped peaks to red rocks and sand and just about anything in between.  Because so many of my happiest memories are tied up in campfires, hiking and sleeping in a tent this Camping Love embroidery pattern collection was especially fun to put together.
The collection includes 10 mini-patterns (pictured above):

Pup Tent
Roasting Stick
Sleeping bag
Twiggy Tree

 S’mores anyone?
Tiny flashlight

Pup Tent
You can find the collection in my Etsy shop.  Go snag a copy today and get stitching!
Better yet, take it with you as you head for the hills!  

Our family is away this week enjoying some sun, sand, water and together time.
I will check in to answer comments when we return.

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