Scripture Journal

This super easy technique requires no artistic talent whatsoever, but it looks SO impressive! All you need is a fancy napkin and some clear gesso (mod podge would probably work, too, but it should be matte or the pages will stick together) and I know some people use matte medium as well. I used Kuretake Watercolors for the lettering. That’s […]

My Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal Setup

How I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook as a bullet journal, commonplace book, gratitude journal, scripture journal and daily task list. Like many of you, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Home tasks, work tasks, homeschool, family stuff, community and church responsibilities, ideas and things I want to do. Places to go, people to see. You know how it is. […]

October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!)

October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!) Oh, friends! They are finally ready!  I’m so, so happy to share these cards with you. I love creating cards like this after each General Conference.  I often hang them up around the house as a reminder of the beautiful and uplifting words we heard. You can find other general conference sketchnotes/ […]

How to Create a Tape Image Transfer

Hey there!   Have you ever created a tape transfer?  It’s almost like MAGIC!    Whenever I teach this method in workshops, the attendees are seriously SO delighted!   It’s incredibly easy and all you need is a magazine image and some packing tape.  The packing tape stays sticky and you can use the image like a sticker in your […]

Bible Journal with me: Simple Stamps and Doodles

Hi friends! I’m happy to share another bible journal with me video today!  I really enjoy creating these videos and would love to hear from you.  What videos would be helpful for you? SUPPLIES I used Speedball Speedy-Carve to make this stamp.  To make stamping a little easier, I use double-sided tape to stick the stamp to a piece of […]