DIY Pallet Table

I have been longing for an outdoor dining table for years.  Our home has a small patio off the basement entrance that (much like everywhere in our lovely fixer upper) has been in need of some TLC for years.  This summer is the time to make that happen, and one of the major upgrades we’ve been waiting to do is to buy or make a table where we can eat dinner during the summer heat.

The challenge for this project, and the reason we’d been putting it off for so long, is that tables are pricey.  Even building them yourself adds up quickly. Luckily, I am married to a man who is incredibly resourceful.  He also happens to own a million tools and to collect building supplies because they may come in handy later.

As the weather turned warmer this spring, we began discussing (yet again) our desire for an outdoor table. I suggested making one out of the pallets we’d just removed as the box surrounding our compost pile.  The more we talked about it, the more we realized it might be possible for us to make a table almost entirely out of things we already had.

Jason had an old wooden countertop laying around because years ago he planned to make a workbench out of it.  He donated it, as well as the 4×4″ wood he’d purchased to be legs for the table. He pulled apart the pallets, trimed them to varying lengths and we laid the out the pieces in an attractive pattern.

We worked together as a family to build the base for the table out of the old countertop, cut in half. First we attached it to a square made out of 2x4s using construction adhesive and then Jason screwed it into place.

We then painted the legs a lovely turquoise color (the paint was purchased using a gift card we received for returning some unused products to the hardware store) and Jason attached the pallet wood to the tabletop using a nail gun.  He attached the legs to the table using barrel nuts (shown below). These particular barrel nuts are pretty awesome, because Jason made them himself.  Don’t ask me about the details, though he’d probably be happy to fill you in.  All I know is that he made them. 🙂  
He also made the table legs adjustable by adding a huge bolt to the bottom of each leg that can then be screwed in or out in order to level the table. The man’s a genius, I tell you.

Jason stained the pallets with six or so coats of polyurethane (because that’s how he rolls) and we enlisted the help of our neighbor to move the table down the scary, uneven rock steps to the patio. We’ve eaten on this table nearly every night since it was completed.

All-in-all we paid about $30 out of pocket for this table and $15 each for four chairs.  Significantly less than the $500 patio sets we’ve been looking at in stores. We’re looking forward to many more evening meals as we work to beautify this space on the cheap.  Stay tuned for more updates, including painting the foundation (Squee! I’ve been dreaming of this project since we first purchased this house).

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