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Finger Knit Gifts Kids Can Make

Finger Knit Gifts Kids Can Make

We’ve been crafting up a storm around here in preparation for Christmas.  We hosted a handmade gift exchange for kids and have had so much fun dreaming up and making gifts for our new friends.
Our resident finger knitter has been hard at work.
She made a darling set of finger knit bear ears for one of the children in the family we were match with using this tutorial.  We decided we liked them better without the contrasting color inside, so hers turned out like this:
We were both delighted with how well the ears stood up.  Aren’t they darling?

Ellie also finger knit a scarf for another child in the exchange.  She basically just kept going and going until the finger knitting was long enough to  wrap around her neck several times. Then we tied the ends together, wound the scarf around and secured it all in place by wrapping the same color of yarn around the place were the two ends (and middles of the wrapped sections) meet.  The wrapped part is about 1.5 inches long and is intended to go at the back of the neck.

Our biggest finger knitting tip is this: use bulky yarn!  
It looks SO much better than thinner yarns do.
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