Gifts Kids Can Make: Alien Notebook Covers

We hosted a handmade gift exchange for kids this month.  It was so fun to learn about another family and dream up gifts to make for them!

Ethan had a blast creating these notebooks for two of the boys in the family we were paired up with. We learned they are full of ideas and are always writing ideas in their special notebooks and we thought these pocket sized notebooks would be the perfect place to jot down their ingenious ideas when they’re on the go.


Small memo pad notebook
Background paper (we chose grey bricks)
Cardstock cut into different shapes (I purchased these from Oriental Trading years ago, but you could cut your own.)
Tacky glue
googly eyes
Optional paintbrush for spreading glue
Cut paper to the same size as the notebook (we left some space for the spiral binding).
Glue the paper onto the notebook, press down and smooth out any bubbles.

Use your shapes to create whatever creature you can imagine.  Ethan made a one eyed alien, a couple of spiders and the star-headed, mustachioed fellow above (which happens to be my favorite).
The possibilities are endless with the craft, as long as you have an endless supply of notebooks to cover.

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