My 100 Day Project– 100 Days of Embroidery

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but wanted to share some more details here. My 100 Day project has started! I am such a huge believer in the power of habit and working toward a goal daily. That’s what I love about my daily sketchbook practice and daily scripture study. I spend a few minutes each day in my sketchbook,  or scripture journal, and over time it adds up to a body of work.  I love to see my progression and the development of my style over the years.  

Shorter projects, like a 100 day project, are so worthwhile for making a dent into something you’ve always wanted to do/make/explore. 100 days seems long while you’re in it, but it really goes pretty quickly. And it’s amazing what you can accomplish with dedication in that amount of time.  Is there something you’ve been meaning to get to? A creative project that you keep thinking about and wanting to make time for, but you’ve just never gotten around to it? Might I suggest your own 100 Day project?  The time is going to pass anyway. 

I have had to make some changes from my original plan for this project. I’m an ambitious and optimistic person and set my goal way too high for the time and ability I have in this season of life. My original intent was to complete 100 embroidery Hoops in 100 days. And I’ve come to realize that for me that’s just not possible unless I want to drop everything else I’m doing, and that’s not really a possibility. So I’ve changed my goal to just work on embroidery everyday for one hundred days. 

This is MUCH more doable and will allow me to make progress on all the pattern ideas I have swirling around in my head. I’m nearly done with my waves pattern– it’s taken quite a while but I’m really happy with how it looks. It will be available as a pattern invention in my shop soon. Jason designed and 3D printed some sweet mini hoops (1.5 inches) for me and I love how cute and tiny they are. I’m excited to see where this project takes me and look forward to showing you some more updates along the way.