Pattern: Simple Colors Quiet Book

Pattern: Simple Colors Quiet Book

I have a bit of an obsession with felt.  I adore hand sewing with felt and have made a multitude of games, play mats, quiet books and the like for my kids.  I say “for my kids” but what I really mean is that I LOVE sewing with felt and I want to make things and if my kids happen to like playing with the result, then it’s a double win.
I designed a very simple quiet book pattern for Elijah’s first birthday.  This book has no moving parts, because he’d just eat them at this age.  It does have different textures, bright colors, and cute little creatures to look at.


Felt in yellow, orange, black, gray, brown, green, white, pink, blue, red (I used multiple shades of most of these colors)
Embroidery floss in the above colors
Embroidery needle
White felt for background
Buttons for accents and for decorating the last page


Pinning the pattern to the felt when you cut it out really makes a difference!
I did all the stitching using all six strands of embroidery floss.
Each page is made up of two pieces (about 9×9″) of felt.  The figures and detail work was sewn on first and then pages were sewn together on a sewing machine.
After the pages were complete, my husband helped me add grommets for binding the book. You could also sew the pages together, if you prefer.
Buttons were hand-sewn on the last page completely at random. Warning: Elijah has already tried to bite these buttons off the page.  Use your own discretion if you want to add buttons.

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