1 Nephi Book of Mormon Sketchnotes Bundle


Each week I share a sketchnotes page that goes along with the Come Follow Me lesson for the week.  I love being able to share them for free with those who need it!  But if you are able to contribute toward the cost of maintaining this website and the design software and my time to create the sketchnotes, I would really appreciate it!


Purchasing this sketchnotes bundle helps me to be able to continue to provide awesome resources for you here at A Lively Hope. 


Don’t worry, the free weekly pages are not going away!  


This bundle contains all FIVE of the sketchnotes for the Introduction lesson and the lessons for 1 Nephi.


Yes, the only bundle currently available is for 1 Nephi and you probably have those sketchnotes already.  Purchasing the bundles in advance is not an option at this point, bu this is a way to help support A Lively Hope, so if you feel like the sketchnotes you’ve already used are worth a small payment, I’d be so very grateful!


NOTE: This is a digital file, no physical product will be sent.  Also, this is a zip file which will most likely not open on your phone.  Please download to a computer/laptop.



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