Three Cheap and Easy Costumes for Kids

Three Cheap and Easy Costumes for Kids

I have a few requirements when we begin contemplating Halloween costumes each year:

1) They  need to be reusable. I want to be able to throw them in the dress-up box and be able to use them for years to come.

2) If I have to buy components, I want them to work as regular clothes in the future.

3) No sewing. I do end up knitting something almost every year. (Medusa hat in 2013.  Hermione scarf and bat hat in 2012.  Dorothy hat in 2010, Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats in 2009)

Peregrine Falcon:

Ethan is somewhat obsessed with Peregrine Falcons because they can dive over 200 miles an hour.
He is delighted with this costume (based on this one from Family Fun) which is built on a plain brown hoodie he can wear by itself after the holiday.

No sewing required!  The fleece for the wings, tail and head details cost just over $5.


Ellie put this costume together almost all by herself.  We arrived early at a choir practice a few weeks ago and sat together in the car brainstorming ideas for her costume.  We giggled and planned for about 6 minutes.  After practice, she sequestered herself in her room and drew up a few sketches of our ideas (I love that she does stuff like that!).  Everything she is wearing we already had on hand.

Details I love:  Pages copied from Jason’s Calculus notebook poking out of her backpack. Mismatched everything.  I think she’s even wearing a dangly earring in one ear and no earring in the other.

Baby Minion:

Elijah’s Minion hat was my knitting project for this year.  He HATES to wear it, so I’m glad it didn’t take very long. The rest of his costume is a long sleeved yellow pajama shirt and overalls we already had.  Easy!

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