Using Succulents to Brighten the Mid-Winter Dreariness

Around this time of year my fingers start itching to be in the garden soil.  I’ve had a long enough break since the busy fall season of harvesting, canning, freezing and slaving in the kitchen for hours that I’ve completely forgotten what exhausting, sweaty work it was.  I start dreaming of sweet peas and sun-warmed tomatoes straight off the vine.  And while pouring over seed catalogs and making lists of new varieties to try goes a long way to calm my gardener’s heart, it’s not quite enough.  The foot of snow still on the ground in the garden (and more currently falling) significantly limits any hope of green things growing out there anytime soon.  Around here snow can fall, and often does, up until the end of April or early May.

What that in mind, it’s natural that new indoor plants come into our home pretty much every year at this time. This year was all about the succulents.  They were purchased in haste at a hardware store, while we were waiting for paint for the basement to be mixed. I had a sudden longing for warmer weather and growing things. After a quick stop off at the thrift store to find brightly colored mugs to use as pots, we were in business.

These happy plants now adorn my bathroom windowsill (I’d love to keep them in a more prominent place, but have you met my two year old?) and make me smile every time I see them, despite the snow falling outside.

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