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100 Days of Watercolor Heroines

100 Days of Watercolor Heroines

If you’ve been here for even a minute, you probably know that I’m a big fan of a creative challenge.  I’ve been painting or drawing every single day for several years now.  It brings me such joy!

Once again, I’ve joined in with the 100 Day Project.  This year, the title of my project is 100 Days of Watercolor Heroines.  Each day for 100 Days, I am painting a different literary or real-life heroine.
I’m about halfway through the challenge now, and I’ve painted everyone from Lucy Pevensie to Mother Teresa and lots of women in between.

You can follow along with my project on Instagram.

You’ll notice that often I have a few paintings together in one photo.  That is because I often feel annoyed by taking a photo and sharing it on Instagram.  I’m way better at doing the actual paintings, I’ve never missed a day.  But the photo/sharing part bugs me. 

These little portraits will make an appearance in my shop soon.  I’d love to hear which one(s) are your favorite, and who you’d add to the list!