Hey! I’m Heidi; an artist, designer, voracious reader and homeschool mama.

I’d love to help you develop a habit of creativity.

Over nine years ago I set a goal to create art every day. I wanted to improve my artistic abilities and make time for something I love even in the midst of busy days being a mother.

I have only rarely missed a day since! While my abilities have definitely improved with practice, the most surprising element of this project has been feeling like I found who I am through developing my creativity.

I’m an artist, an art teacher, a designer and a creative business owner. But I’m also just a regular person, seeking to add joy and depth to my life by slowing down and making creativity a priority.

If you join me on this journey, you’ll see that I am by no means perfect. I stumble along some days. I make art that I hate. But I know that consistently working toward a goal, even in tiny pockets of time, adds up to great things.

I was an artistic child, always painting, drawing or stitching something. But I found that as I got older, I let a lot of that part of my life go. I felt the need to be more “practical” with my time, more serious with my studies.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Horticulture, thinking I could design landscapes on the side, while raising a family. Over time I realized that what really appealed to me was the design portion of that plan.

Once I became a mother, and after a period of adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, I began seeking creative outlets. I cross-stitched, I learned to knit, I journaled and doodled. Through our long wait to grow our family (read more about our adoption story here) I found that these creative outlets helped me to feel like myself, rather than drowning in the discouragement I was feeling.

Through a series of miracles, our family has grown to include four children, who I homeschool. In this season of life, I’ve found that my creative habits not only make a difference for me alone, but they also help me be a better wife, mother, friend and teacher. I am my best self because I make time to pursue my interests.