Hand Embroidery: How to do Chain Stitch

How to do hand embroidery Chain Stitch video tutorial. Hey there! Today I’m dropping in with a quick explanation of how to do Chain Stitch in your hand embroidery projects.  Chain Stitch creates a stunning, raised effect and is perfect for drawing your eye to certain words in a lettering piece. In the piece shown, I used Split Stitch for […]

New Testament Coloring Pages Volume 5

New Testament verse coloring pages Hello there!   I’m delighted to share the next installment in my New Testament verses coloring pages series today! I have TEN coloring pages for you! There are two coloring pages to go along with each of the June lessons for Come Follow Me.  Can you even believe it?  That’s a LOT of coloring! WAYS […]

My Summer Stack: Homeschool Mom Reading Guide for Summer 2019

Summer Reading Guide for Homeschool Moms I am a firm believer in the power of making plans.  Goals do not just happen; we must set aside the time, plan out the details, and then follow that plan.   Our family homeschools somewhat according to the Charlotte Mason method (we don’t follow her schedule exactly).  We use living, engaging books and short […]