A Peek Into My Art Journal

I have become such a fan of daily creative practice over the past couple of years.  The experience of practicing a skill/ improving a talent has been so richly rewarding for me.  I no longer think, “I wish I was making more art.” without following up or actual pursuing that desire.  I AM making art.  Consistently.  Every day for the past 1.5 years I have painted or drawn or both.  It is a part of my life and a part of each day.  I can’t imagine my days without some dedicated time to make art.

My biggest take-away from this experience so far is that it doesn’t have to take hours a day to improve your abilities, artistic or otherwise.  Yes, if you had hours a day to devote to a skill you’d improve more quickly.  But most of us just don’t have that time.  So rather than put it off until you have time (when will that be?), just start.  You can set aside 15 minutes a day to pursue a goal or develop a talent.  I guarantee you can find at least those few minutes in your day and when you do, you’ll be so grateful that you started now instead of putting it off any longer.

I’m curious: What talent or skill would you like to set aside time for each day?