Art Journal
Art Journal Flip Through

Art Journal Flip Through

Flip through a recently completed art journal.  I love to watercolor and paint in my journal as well as record my gratitude list, quotes I read and other meaningful things.

For the past several years I’ve had a goal to paint or draw every single day.  It’s been life-changing for me, and it has had a greater impact on my creativity and productivity than anything else I’ve ever done.

Keeping an art journal is a way for me to record memories, to work through ideas and to break down projects.  Often, my art journal is also my gratitude journal and I fill the pages with messy handwriting about daily life and my blessings. Sometimes it functions more as a sketchbook with more art that journaling.

The journal I’m sharing with you today leans more toward the latter: more art than journal.  I even noticed while I was flipping through that I didn’t write about some of the events I was documenting: my kids’ Halloween costumes and the photos of them at the pool, for example.  I’ll go back and add some details before I stick this journal back up on the shelf.

One thing I love about keeping a journal like this is that you can always add more.  More details, or more writing.  Even when you think you’re done you can come back years later and add a bit more.

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