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Art Journal with Me: Using Up Old Supplies

Art Journal with Me: Using Up Old Supplies

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Over the past several weeks I’ve been sharing a video series all about using up your old art supplies. I’m creating a beautiful art journal full of supplies that might otherwise be thrown away, and that makes me very happy!

Scroll below for all the background videos in the series. I love creating a whole bunch of backgrounds at once in my art journals. This allows me to still create on days when I don’t have much creative energy or ideas. AND it give me something to react to when I come back later to finish the pages. It takes away the fear of the empty page and allows me to jump right into my creative process.

The following videos are all about creating art journal backgrounds using everything from broken crayons and a watercolor palette that was “ruined” by one of my elementary art students to dried up washable markers and almost empty acrylic paint bottles.

Stay tuned as the next few weeks will focus on adding more details, focal points, lettering, collage, etc to these backgrounds.

Three Backgrounds using Watercolor and Broken Crayons

FIVE Backgrounds using Gel Crayons

EIGHT Backgrounds using leftover Acrylic Paint

SIX Backgrounds using Colored Pencils and Washable Markers

Three Backgrounds using Collage + Scrap Paper

Backgrounds using Liquid Watercolor and Powered Watercolor