Baby Steps

“Mom, if you get scared you just have to take baby steps, right?” 
Ethan asks this as we hike through a steep section of trail.  I agree and we slow down so he can take his time.  He began the hike clinging tightly to my hand.  He doesn’t like trails with a drop-off on one side (see the last time we hiked this trail) and needed some extra reassurance.
His question sparks a thought: we are all scared sometimes.  Scared of moving forward with our dreams because they take us outside of our comfort zone.  Scared of pursuing greatness because we might fail.  I feel that way sometimes, don’t you?
But if I keep my dreams in view and concentrate on taking “baby steps” in the right direction, progress is made.
Ethan focused on putting one foot in front of the other and before I knew it he had released my hand and was walking ahead of me, confident and secure in his role as Hike Leader.
Singing one line of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”, loudly and endlessly.
And our challenges are the same.  
With enough baby steps behind us we suddenly realize we are no longer afraid.

The kids and I reached our goal, enjoyed the view and began again with baby steps toward the car. I contemplated my goals on the way down and resolved again to continue moving forward.
My burdens felt lighter after time spent outside in the sunshine, learning from my son.

“We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.”
John F. Kennedy

What goal are you taking baby steps toward?