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Bible Journal with Me: Abound in Hope (Simple Watercolor Florals)

Bible Journal with Me: Abound in Hope (Simple Watercolor Florals)

 Bible journal tutorial using watercolor to paint simple flowers. These simple watercolor florals are a beautiful addition to your bible journal.

There is something so beautiful to me about a simple line drawing over scriptures.  While I enjoy creating big, elaborate scripture journal pages, I am often struck by the power of these simpler pages.

This took just a few minutes to create, and used just a handful of supplies, and I am so happy with how it turned out.

Often when I am scripture journaling, I focus on a phrase that stood out to me during my study time (I use two separate bibles: one to study from and one as more of an art journal).  I like to illustrate those phrases in my art bible because those pages help me to remember the truths and encouragement spoken to my heart by the Spirit.

This phrase from Paul, Abound in Hope is a powerful phrase I came across recently.


Supplies Used:

Deseret Book Journaling New Testament  I have the inexpensive paperback copy and so far it is holding up really well through all kinds of paint and other mediums.

Micron Pens Always and forever my favorite for details.  


Posca Paint Pens

I drew this freehand into my bible, but it is based on a coloring page I designed a few months ago.  You can find the free coloring page here.