Book of Mormon Copywork

Book of Mormon Copywork

Book of Mormon copywork printable bundle. Perfect for homeschool and Come Follow Me study.

I have been working on a great big project for you the past couple of weeks and I’m so happy that it’s finally done and I can share it!

If you’ve been here for a while you may remember that I shared a few collections of copywork over the years. It was something I heard back from many of you about, and you loved using that resource in your homes and homeschools. Last year, the copywork posts dwindled (due to my forgetfulness and being sidetracked by other projects).

This year I realized that a much better option would be to release a full copywork kit, with pages for the whole entire YEAR!

This download includes two sets of copywork: one for older kids and one for younger. They each use basically the same verses, but the younger kids’ version has shorter sections of the verses and is designed for them to trace the letters, rather than copy.

Each kit includes over 90 verses from the Book of Mormon. This will go along with your Come Follow Me study so well!

The design is simple with plenty of white space for their little developing minds. Of course doodles are welcome (I’m a big fan of doodles, after all!)

Each set includes 90+ pages of copywork . (So that’s 180+ total) You can reprint them as many times as you want for personal/family use and just keep cycling through these incredible and uplifting words.

What is copywork?

The idea behind copywork is that children copy a piece of well-written literature, including proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. This gives our children a chance to see, write, and think about beautiful and uplifting words. The act of copying down passages of scripture or other beautiful quotes helps them to memorize powerful and inspiring words so they will be able to call them up out of their memory in times of need.

We add copywork to our homeschool day on a regular basis, but you certainly don’t have to be a homeschooling family in order to benefit from it.

This packet includes two sets of copywork: 90+ pages of verses from The Book of Mormon, in a font and size perfect for younger kids to trace and another font and design that’s great for older kids.

How to use the Copywork Pages:

Print out and add to a three ring binder, folder, or spiral bind the pages.

Assign your child to work on copywork for a certain amount of time each day (generally 5-7 minutes is plenty).

They can copy the same phrase repeatedly, or move on to the next page if they finish before their time is up. No need to finish an entire page each time they do copywork. Just pick up where you left off!


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