Book of Mormon Study Guide for Families

This little (okay, not so little, it’s 215 pages) book has been such a labor of love.  And I’m incredibly delighted to share it with you today.

This study guide is designed to help your family understand and apply the stories in the Book of Mormon in your everyday life.  You will dive deeply into the scriptures and strengthen your relationships and testimonies together. It focuses on 42 faith-building stories from the Book of Mormon. Rather than read chapter by chapter, this study guide takes you through specific sections of scripture to help you internalize the stories and the lessons they teach.

My intent with this book is for kids to work on it with their parents.  I want it to spark discussion and deeper understanding of the Book of Mormon.  Older kids could probably do it on their own, but younger kids will need help.

What you’ll love about this study guide:

  • It’s open and go.  You just need your copy of the Book of Mormon and a pencil (though of course you could use colored pencils or crayons or even gel pens).  
  • It includes many different activities to help hold your interest. 
  • Contains in-depth questions specific to the stories you are studying.
  • Lots of opportunities to draw, doodle or write.  Your child(ren) can do what works best for his/her learning style.
  • 8.5 x 11″ to give you plenty of room to record what you’re learning.

The study guide features the following stories:

Joseph Smith’s First Vision
Joseph Receives the Plates
Lehi’s Vision
Lehi and His Family Leave Jerusalem
Nephi Obtains the Brass Plates
The Tree of Life
The Liahona
Nephi’s Bow Breaks
Nephi Builds a Ship
Lehi’s Family Crosses the Sea
Jacob and Sherem
King Benjamin
Abinadi and King Noah
Alma at the Waters of Mormon
King Limhi
Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah
Alma and Amulek’s Mission
Alma and Amulek in Prison
Ammon and King Lamoni
Faith is Like a Seed
Alma Teaches His Sons
Captain Moroni
The Title of Liberty
2000 Stripling Warriors
Nephi and Lehi in Prison
Samuel the Lamanite
Signs of Jesus Christ’s Birth
Jesus Appears to the Nephites
Jesus Teaches the Nephites
Jesus Heals the Sick
The Sacrament
Jesus Teaches the Nephites to Pray
Destruction of the Jaredites
The Book of Mormon Promise

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I’d love to see what you do with this study guide! Email me or tag me on Instagram  so I can see what your family has been up to.