Book of Mormon Study Guide for Kids (Volume 1)

I am so excited!  As many of you may know, I have been hard at work on a Book of Mormon study guide for children.  It is a HUGE undertaking, and a definite brain-stretcher for me.  I have decided to break the study guide down into smaller sections for a few reasons:  it’s much less intimidating for me ;), they will be available much sooner for you, and they won’t be an unmanageable size, among other things.
Book of Mormon Study Journal (vol. 1) is now available to download!  It is 36 pages long and contains pages to help your child study the following stories:
Joseph Smith’s First Vision
Joseph Smith Receives the Plates
Lehi’s Vision
Lehi’s Family Leaves Jerusalem
Obtaining the Brass Plates
The Tree of Life
The Liahona
Nephi’s Broken Bow
Nephi Builds a Ship
Crossing the Sea
Jacob and Sherem
It also includes character study pages, with scripture references, for:
Laman and Lemuel
Ellie decorated her title page with a tree, a squirrel, and an owl family.

This journal is designed to help your child internalize stories from the Book of Mormon.  They will look up and read scriptures, answer thought-provoking questions, draw pictures and journal. It contains lots of space for answering questions, doodling and personalization.

My 9 year-old (who is a confident reader) has enjoyed using her study journal as a guide for her personal scripture study.  It could also be used for family study or parent/child study with a non-independent reader, which is what I plan to do with my 5 year old.

Nephi’s character study

I will be releasing 4 more volumes in the near(ish) future which will contain many, many more stories from the Book of Mormon as well as character studies for the people involved.

This journal has been a definite labor of love and I am thrilled to share it will you! Head over to my Etsy shop to download the journal instantly.

**Your purchase entitles you to print this journal as many times as you need for personal and family use.  
Please do not share the document with others.**