Book Review: Halo Found Hope

Halo Found Hope

When I received a review copy of Halo Found Hope, I had no idea what a chord this book would strike with me.

Halo Found Hope is the story of Heloise Matzelle, a young, healthy wife and mother who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  The book chronicles her diagnosis, treatment and recovery and the powerful faith she developed through this monumental trial.

As I was reading, I couldn’t help but remember my own beautiful Grandmother who faced a strikingly similar health crises.  She had a benign brain tumor removed when my mother was very young and then, years later, it returned again. Twice.  The final tumor was declared inoperable and our family could only watch as her health declined.  This beautiful, brilliant, vibrant woman was in a body that could not function the way she desired but she still managed to spread hope and love and joy to all within her sphere.

I loved reading Helo’s story because not only was it inspirational, but it also helped me to understand and appreciate what my sweet grandma faced.  It is not the most well-written memoir I’ve read, but I am grateful for the glimpse she provided into a dark and frightening time for herself and her family.

Helo’s real-life examples of serving others in the midst of her trial were a reminder to me to slow down and actively notice those around me.  Everyone has a story, everyone needs uplifting at one time or another.  She reminded me to focus on how I can share hope through small and simple means with the people I come into contact with.

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Halo Found Hope Helo Matzelle