Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal + Project Life.  How I’m Catching Up.

Bullet Journal + Project Life. How I’m Catching Up.

I have gushed about my love for Project Life in the past.  I love how simple and easy it is. And now with the new Project Life App, I’m even more in love with this simple scrapbooking system. I’ve been using the App to stay up to date on our recent goings-on and all it takes is a few minutes each week to stay completely on top of my memory keeping.

I was recently going through some photos to draw and watercolor for my painting project when I discovered we have three missing years in our scrapbook stack.  For several years I used Blurb to convert this blog to a beautiful photo book each year.  For whatever reason (I don’t quite remember now, though I have a vague sense there was a reason) I quit doing that in 2011. Since then this blog has become less of a place to record our family story and so I began using Project Life  in 2014 to document everything that happens around here. I began where we were instead of going back to finish the unfinished years.

Once I discovered all those photos that were not printed or in any way usable and enjoyable for our family, I started looking into the best way to easily finish that rather daunting project.  After looking into lots of resources and methods, I’ve decided to use Digital Project Life to complete those pages.

Now that I’m ready to tackle those missing years, I’m using one of my favorite organizational tools, my Bullet Journal, to make that happen.

I created a very simple spread with a list of all the months missing with check boxes next to them. I’ve also included check boxes to remind me to check the blog to see if I have already written about experiences from each month.  If so, I’ll include it in my journaling.

I am excited and a little intimidated to move ahead with this project. I’ll keep you posted with tips I learn along the way as I progress through three years of photos while staying up to date with my current photos.

I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations for me! Have you taken on a project like this?