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Come Follow Me New Testament Coloring Pages (August 2019)

Come Follow Me New Testament Coloring Pages (August 2019)

 Come Follow Me New Testament Coloring Pages for August 2019

Hello there!  

Today I’m sharing a collection of four free coloring pages! These coloring pages go along with the Come Follow Me lessons for August 2019.

I think my favorite is “we are saved by hope”, but they are all fun!
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to print yours and have them ready for church, classes or home study.


I love to keep a little stack of these on hand to pull out when we’re reading and discussing Come Follow Me as a family each evening. 

They also work well to keep hands busy during sacrament meeting or lesson time at church.

I have included both full and half sheet versions because I LOVE to use the half sheets in my scripture journal and wide-margin scriptures.

Print on clear sticker paper and add to your study journal or into your scriptures. (Make sure the paper works for your type of printer!)

Use washi tape to add them as a tip-in to your journal or scriptures.  (I recommend printing the coloring page on cardstock if you intend to use it as a tip-in, this adds durability and allows you to journal easily on the back without damaging/bleeding through to the other side)
Hang up in a visible place and use it to help your family memorize the scripture.  (We like to give our kids a skittle, or other small candy, each time they recite the verse).

Of course you can color with whatever supplies you already have on hand, but here are a few of my favorites:
Watercolor (note, the paper will buckle/warp if you use excessive water)
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