Cutie Sighting

You’ll never guess who we just ran into at the store! Our sweet little Cutie! I know it should make me happy that when he was a little nervous (because of the loud, surprised woman he thinks he remembers from somewhere getting in his face and wanting to eat him up. Yes, that’s what I did.) he looked to his dad for comfort. Still, my heart hurts just a little bit.

He looks happy and healthy and his dad said he absolutely loves being a parent. Ellie was affected by it more than I expected her to be. She told me she was sad and looked close to tears as we got in the car. Then she wanted to talk about Cutie instead of listening to our book-on-tape on the way home (which is unheard-of lately). We remembered funny things about him to help her (and me) feel better. Interesting how we remember things differently after the fact… Ellie remembered how much she loved sharing her toys with Cutie and that he always liked to hold her hand. I don’t think it went quite that way, but we’ll let her keep those “memories”.

Just though you’d like an update!

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