Bullet Journal
Five Things for Friday

Five Things for Friday

1– Our Edith was blessed this month, wearing our family blessing dress purchased by her namesake (my great grandma) 30+ years ago. All my sisters and girl cousins wore this dress, Ellie wore it 12 years ago and it was Edith’s turn to follow in the footsteps of some amazing, strong, beautiful women.

2–I’m feeling super inspired to get back to real life.  After the past few months of new baby mode and, before that, late-pregnancy mode, I’ve felt my homekeeping and natural level of organization slipping.  I felt for a while like I was just keeping my head above water.  And barely, at that. We’ve got a difficult (and delightful and smart and sometimes sweet) toddler who is an expert house-destroyer.  And he’s fast.  And we’ve had flooding and holidays and places to go and people to see.  And naps to try to squeeze in.  This has all taken its toll on our house.  But I’m finally feeling motivated to make some progress and I’ve been working to slowing move out the clutter and deep clean the places that have been driving me nuts. It feels oh, so good.  My bullet journal is playing a huge role in making this happen, so I think I’ll share some details on that soon.

First on the list is to repaint and tile the mudroom/laundry room.  This is the last room in our house that has not been repainted since we moved in.  Elijah was “helping” me with that project last weekend, when he stuck his face in the way just as I went to dip my paintbrush.

3– Yesterday my sweet husband went backcountry splitboarding.  For those who don’t know, this is when you have a snowboard that splits in half–on purpose–to function as cross country skis as well.  So, he and a buddy ski up mountains and then snowboard down.  He’s just getting into this sport, but he loves it despite the crashing and a slight injury to his beautiful face on a previous trip. (He is very careful about avalanche conditions and safety, FYI.)  I love to give him the chance to go as often as our schedules allow.  He took off early from work yesterday and went to enjoy some fresh powder.

I was home with kiddos, expecting to hear from Jason any minute.  He usually texts me as soon as they are out of the canyon.  It was getting dark and I still hadn’t heard from him.  I was starting to get a little nervous. The kids and I decided to try making brownies in a mug as a fun little diversion.  I gathered my little sweeties and the supplies to make the treat.  Edith was in the bumbo on the counter, Elijah was on a chair next to me.  My phone beeped with a text message and so I jumped to answer it, knowing it would be Jason.  I wanted to check quickly to make sure he was okay.  (He was).

In the split second it took me to read the text, Elijah dipped his hand in Edith’s applesauce and then in the cocoa powder for the brownies and he was trying to feed this concoction to the baby when I looked up.  He’s fast! (See #1)

4–I’m pretty sure my goal to take each of my kids on monthly one-on-one hikes is going to to be one of the best parenting moves I’ve ever made. This week was Ethan’s turn. We talked about everything from his birth parents to our favorite books. And we even had time to practice our evil laughs.

5– I had the opportunity to hand-letter a menu board for our friends who opened up a restaurant last week.  They have put so many hours over many months into restoring an old building downtown. It’s been so neat to see their dreams coming true and I am thrilled to have been able to help in a little way. I’m hoping for more chances to do stuff like this in the future.  Do you need a giant sign?