Free Halloween Candy Embroidery Pattern

Continuing with the 31 Days of Free Embroidery Patterns, today I’ve got these cute Halloween candies for you!  
Speaking of treats, my 21 month old is a little obsessed with candy right now.  He doesn’t have it often, but one time (ONE time!) I bought him a sucker while we were out running errands.  He hates being in the car and screams for a lot of the time we’re running the older kids to their activities.  I bought him that sucker on a particularly bad day, when I just needed quiet in the car, and now he asks for one every single time I buckle him in.  “Candy? Treat? Where go?”  He says.  Like, “Hey! remember how giving me a treat is now required every time we drive anywhere?”
Anyway, back on track. These candies are completely sugar free and they would be so adorable on a trick-or-treating bag.
Happy stitching!