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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern// Singing Bird

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern// Singing Bird

You may think of singing birds as a Springtime occurrence, but around here that’s not quite so. We hear birds in the spring, of course, but my favorite time of year for birds is the fall. We moved into this fixer upper house in October, four years ago. One of the memories I have from that time is standing out in the driveway amid a cacophony of birdsong.  The stately trees across the street were covered with hundreds and hundreds of small migrating birds, each singing his or her own tune and each adding to the incredibly noisy din.  It seemed as if they were excited to be heading out on a trip down south and were each broadcasting what they planned to do all winter while we were buried under 4 feet of snow.

Each year around this time, I look forward to the birds’ return and their desire to fill our neighborhood with their joyful noise.

Today’s embroidery pattern was inspired by our noisy bird guests, and it’s fun to stitch no matter the time of year.

Download the pattern here.