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Free Printable Journal Backgrounds

Free Printable Journal Backgrounds

Printable Margin Backgrounds for scripture journaling and bible journaling.

Hey there! So excited to be back with another set of FREE journaling backgrounds for you this month.

I love to print these backgrounds on clear sticker paper to use in my wide-margin scriptures. I’m using the Doctrine and Covenants booklets from Leafy Treetop Planners for my art journal scriptures this year. I have a set that I paint/draw/collage in and a version that I study in.

I know that for so many people it’s scary to put pen/paint to paper in the margins of your scriptures. You want to artistically document what you’re studying, but you’re worried about messing up. (Side note: I just want to insert here that I mess up ALL THE TIME. It’s okay. Mistakes can usually be made into something you love. Or at least something you don’t hate).

That’s where these margin backgrounds come in! Print them on sticker paper, vellum, cardstock, or regular printer paper, and then cut, glue/tape them into your scriptures or journals. They provide a really easy way to make a big impact, and they’re perfect for beginners as well as experienced journalers.

Grab your free printable below and start creating! I can’t wait to see what you make. Please tag me on Instagram so I can see!

I’ll be creating a set of margin backgrounds every month this year! You can find the first set here.

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