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Free Printable Journal Backgrounds

Free Printable Journal Backgrounds

Printable Margin Backgrounds for scripture journaling and bible journaling.

Hey there! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the goals I posted for 2021. One of those goals was to help you with your scripture journals. I knew I wanted to create a kit for you each month, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like.

The idea came to me while I was in the shower (of course it did! Isn’t that where all great ideas come from?) and I knew immediately that this would be the perfect solution. I am so thrilled about it!

Introducing Printable Margin Backgrounds!

I know that for so many people it’s scary to put pen/paint to paper in the margins of your scriptures. You want to artistically document what you’re studying, but you’re worried about messing up. (Side note: I just want to insert here that I mess up ALL THE TIME. It’s okay. Mistakes can usually be made into something you love. Or at least something you don’t hate).

That’s where these margin backgrounds come in! Each month I will create a handful of colorful backgrounds for you to print on sticker paper, vellum, cardstock, or regular paper. You can use them as a jumping-off point in your scripture art.

I can’t wait to use them myself!

Each month will be created using a unique cohesive color palette. This first month is all about reds and pinks and I am SO excited to see what you create with it!

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Download the Free Margin Backgrounds!